• Medium Voltage Switchgear Cubicles are manufactured from 6.6 KV to 25 KV.
  • The cubicles are manufactured and designed in such a way that no work is carried out at site       except connection of Medium Voltage Cubicle in Cubicle Department.
  • The cubicles design incorporates all necessary interlocks to safeguard the equipements as       well as operating staff.
  • All protection relays, measuring & protection instruments are mounted on Instruments &       relay of component for easy accessibility.
  • The circuit breaker trolley (VCB) contains service position, test / isolated position and       withdrawn position, In-Service position, automatic shutter system is provided for protection       against the live parts.
  • The cubicles are manufactured from 12KV to 17.5KV with basic Insulation Level (BIL) of       75KV to 95KV and degree of protection IP 3X as well as IP 4X. The cubicles are degreased,       derusted chemically with Zinc Phosphate to protect them against corrosion.
          The cubicles are painted with final finish RAL 7032 color (Powder coated or Stove Paint)       after process of cleaning, pre-treatment and anti rust coatig.


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