• We manufacture the low Voltage Cubicles from 800A to 6300A and other related       equipments.
  • The Cubicle's design incorporates all necessary Interlocks to save-guard the equipment       as well as operating staff.
  • All the measuring and recording instruments like Ampere Meter, Volt Meter, Energy Meter etc.       are mounted on the front door in semi finishid Style for easy accessibility for checking       instruments on inner side of the door.
  • The Protective Earth (PE), Neutral (N) and Protective Earth Neutral (PEN) are provided in all       Cubicles as per rules.
  • The Cubicles are manufactured according to Standards like VDE 0660, Part 500:ICE-      PUBL.439
  • The Cubicles are manufactured with various protection standards i.e. IP40 & IP54
          etc according to Din 40050 & IEC-PUBL.529.


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